FluppyHost, Terms of Service, ToS.

Last updated 2nd July, 2017.

FluppyHost accepts to deliver services to the user, subject to our "Terms of Service".

We use different words when talking about FluppyHost, such as "FluppyHost", "We", "Us" and "Our" describes www.fluppyhost.com. "Customer", "Buyer", "You" and "Yours" describes the user of our service/website.

At any use and/or purchase of our products, you accept to follow these agreements, and you accept to have read and understood them.

§1. Right of cancellation
We disclaim the normal 14-day right of cancellation, since its a virtual product and you recieve the product immediately (up to some minutes in some cases). If a mistake, or error, happens when recieving the product, or your product is not functioning as it is supposed to, your 14-day right of cancellation still applies.

§2. Cancellation
Your product have a renting period of 1 to 3 months, and when this renting period expires, you can choose to renew/extend the period of your service. If you choose not to renew/extend it, your server, and all its files, will be deleted, when the renting period have been exceeded. But if you do renew/extend the renting period, you will continue to have full access to your server as before, and have the same support. And none of your data will be deleted.
All cancellation of your product must be done through our Blesta customer system, on our website http://fluppyhost.com. We can not be responsible for cancellation, if it happened in any other way.

§3. Dataloss and DDoS protection
FluppyHost is not responsible for DDoS attacks or dataloss. We offer protection on all our services, but we can not guarantee that we can stop ALL attacks. If your server have been down for more than 3 days because of DDoS, you will recieve compensation, which will be extra days in your renting period.
If you DDoS your own server or DDoS other of our services, it can result in instant termination of your server. In this case you will not recieve any compensation.

§4. Support
All kind of support will happen through our ticket system in Blesta, Livechat or reply to email after submitting a ticket. We can not guarantee an answer, if you contact us in other ways. We only provide support for CraftBukkit and Spigot, but in some cases we are able to help with other mods/modpacks such as Paper, Sponge, FTB, Tekkit, Pixelmon etc.

§5. System limitations
If you use more RAM than you have paid for, changing your amount of RAM, overuse your CPU power, or use any other exploits your server will be suspended, and we will ask you to fix the problem asap. You will not recieve compensation for the time your server is suspended in this case.

§6. Suspension
If you do not follow these "Terms of Service", we have the right to suspend and terminate the server without prior notice. Also in this case, there will be no compensation We have full right to suspend and terminate servers without prior notice, if you break these "Terms of Service". Also in this case, there will be no compensation.

§7. Payment
All payments on our website happens through PayPal. Its a safe payment gateway, used by many websites and webshops. You have the possibility to pay with your creditcard on PayPal. If you have paid for your product but havent recieved it, please contact us according to §4.

§8. Private information and personal data
We do not pass your personal information to third parties.

§9. Minecrafts EULA
By renting a Minecraft server at us, you also automatically accept Minecrafts EULA. We do this to save you from unnecessary trouble, and you would have to accept Minecraft EULA manually in your controlpanel to start your server anyway.

§10. Misuse of service
Your Minecraft server can only be used as a Minecraft server. If you use it for anything else, we have the right to delete the unnecessary files, or those that makes your server have another function, and this can happen without prior notice. If your server uses unusually large amount of storage (harddisk) space, you will be contacted and asked to remove unnecessary backup files or other things.

§11. Liability limitation and exclusion
We will under no circumstances be held liable for any data loss. We will not be held liable for any disruption, delay or disconnection of services for any period of time.
We are not responsible for any actions taken place on our Minecraft servers, we just provide server connectivity.