Staff Members

Ever wondered who replies to your support tickets, or who is behind FluppyHost? If you have, then this is the right place to read about it!

The team behind FluppyHost

Rasmus, Owner

Rasmus is the guy who made FluppyHost, made the website, set up the server, handles all the technical stuff. Of course, he gets some help, both to set things up properly, find the correct software, and make sure the security is at its best.

Jens, Manager

Jens makes the big decisions. Nothing happens at FluppyHost before it has been discussed with him. We always listen to his advice, and act from what he tell us to do. He got experience with leadership and is very good at it.

Jonas, Supporter

Jonas is a supporter here at FluppyHost. You will only run into him on the Live Chat, were he will do his best at answering all of your questions, and reply as quickly as possible. He's a very nice guy, so dont be afraid to start a chat.

Becoming a Supporter

It's quite difficult to become a supporter here at FluppyHost, since we put our requirements for that very high. Currently, we aren't looking for supporters either, since we got the right amount of work, and we all enjoy helping you guys.
If you still wish to apply for supporter, you can still do it. At first, expect to get denied, but we might contact you when we need more people to provide help to our customers.
To become a supporter, its important that you can speak both danish and english, and have your spelling correct. You must also have experience with various gamemodes (prison, minigames, faction etc.) in Minecraft, if not as a server owner, then as a player, so you understand how things are supposed to work. It's also a plus if you have owned a Minecraft server, and know how to do basic troubleshooting or fast googling, so you can provide help as quickly as possible.
If you believe you've got what it takes, contact us at and tell us about yourself, and why you want to become a supporter.
Please include "Supporter" in the subject, so we can spot your email.