If you enjoy watching entertaining youtubers or livestreamers, you should definetely check out some of those who we sponsor, as they help us keep growing. View all of them down below!

Youtubers and Live Streamers


Klapoo is livestreaming League of Legends, CS:GO and HearthStone. The 19th february he made a 24 hour livestream, which was very successful, and he does giveaways occasionally.
Watch Klapoo stream!


Willah is a small youtuber, who mostly uploads tutorials related to Minecraft, and often its also related to Skript. If you wanna learn, or discover new awesome skripts, you should check him out!
Willahs Youtube channel!


Mikro is a small youtuber, who makes Minecraft videos, and some other random videos. He puts alot of his time into CrashyNetwork, which is why he haven't been uploading that much.
Mikros Youtube channel!


SYLLLE got a a few different videos, he visits other servers and plays PvP. Check him out!
SYLLLEs Youtube channel!

Taxter DK

Taxter is also a small youtuber, he uploads all kinds of different Minecraft videos, most of them are PvP related, like KitPvP or SkyWars. Check him out here!
Taxters Youtube channel!


Asger is a small streamer, who mainly streams Minecraft. He plays on his server that we host, Monkeycraft, most of the time. Watch him here!
Asger1009's Twitch channel!

Nimboo YT

Nimboo used to upload building videos, but recently it has been PvP videos. He does livestreams sometimes too.
Nimboos Youtube channel!


Binder is live streaming various content on Twitch, mainly Minecraft.
BinderPlays Twitch channel!

Interested in a sponsorship?

Are you interested in a sponsorship? We are! Wether you are a youtuber, livestreamer, or just an ordinary person with big dreams, we always look for people who we believe we can help achieve something bigger. If you wish to send us a request to get sponsored, check the following section, and check the information we would like from you!
Even if you dont fit with our requirements, send us an email and add why we should choose you, when the requirements are higher than what you have. Sometimes special deals are made.
NOTE: The "Twitch" section is for all livestreaming, no matter which site it is on.

General requirements


    • Subscribers: 300

    • Average views per video: 100

    • Time since start on Youtube: 3 months

    • How often to upload: At least once a week

    • Channel content: Primarily Minecraft


    • Followers: 700

    • Average viewers: 20

    • Time since start on Twitch: 2 months

    • How often to livestream: At least 3 days a week

    • Channel content: Primarily Minecraft

    Ordinary person

    • Minecraft Server Experience: Nerd Level

    • Creativity level: Medium

    • Ability to finish projects: Very High

    • Amount of luck: Insane

No matter which section you belong to, we would appreciate an explanation of why we should sponsor with you, how large a server you would prefer, and other information you believe can be useful for us. The more detailed and informed we are, the easier it is to make the right choice for us.
Contact us at support@fluppyhost.com with the subject beginning with "Sponsorship", and we will respond as fast as possible!